The Claim Process

  • Does My Home Qualify?

    NCIUA's team will review eligibility requirements
    1. The policy must include appropriate IBHS FORTIFIED Home™ Endorsement based on policy type and territory
    2. NCIUA's claim department will review eligibility requirements after the home has been inspected
    3. 'Covered Loss' to the roof covering must be greater than 50% of the replacement cost value of the entire roof covering, subject to policy terms and conditions
  • Evaluator Assignment

    Once eligibility is confirmed, NCIUA will assign a third-party evaluator
    1. NCIUA will assign an evaluator
    2. Insured may elect to use an evaluator of their own choice
    The evaluator will contact the Insured and/or contractor to coordinate FORTIFIED Roof Installation
  • Construction

    The policyholder, evaluator, and contractor are in communication throughout the duration of the construction
    1. No work should begin until the evaluator has been assigned and they have been in contact with the policyholder and contractor
    2. Pre-approval is required when the following conditions apply:
      1. Mobile home and manufactured homes foundation and building requirements
      2. Vaulted / Cathedral ceilings (rafter spacing, existing roof decking, exposed beams)
      3. Low pitched roofs
      4. Condos, townhomes, and multi-unit residential buildings
    3. If there are no concerns and a scheduled installation date has been confirmed with the evaluator, construction may commence.
    Construction is complete
    1. The policyholder will need to submit the contractor's final invoice to NCIUA at The email should contain the claim number in the subject line.
    2. This document is required for payment consideration.
  • Approval

    1. After the construction is complete, the IBHS evaluator will confirm the roof has been completed in accordance with IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ standards and submit all required documentation to IBHS.
    2. IBHS reviews the required documentation and provides the IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ designation certificate to the evaluator.
    3. The evaluator will provide a copy of the certificate to the insured.
    4. Once the IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ designation certificate has been awarded, a copy of the contractor's final invoice is required for payment consideration of the FORTIFIED Roof™ upgrade cost.
    5. The claim department will handle any outstanding claim issues. Please contact your adjuster with any questions.
  • Payment

    The following information is required prior to consideration for payment:
    • IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ designation certificate
    • Contractor Final Invoice
    • Evaluator Invoice
    Additional claim payments unrelated to the IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ will be addressed by the NCIUA Claim Department.